Learning to serve the Lord and my family one day at a time.

Learning to serve the Lord and my family one day at a time.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grocery Shopping

I'm killing time tonight because David's at bible study and I don't have much to do so I decided to add up all my grocery receipts for the month and see how much I saved. I was bad and didn't pull cash out this month but I kept a rather haphazard ledger instead. This is not the best idea honestly and I will be getting cash next month. According to my poorly kept ledger (on the back of my receipt envelope) I spent about $163. I went and added up all my receipts and a gallon of milk that I threw the receipt away for and I spent $155. The total value of my groceries and a few personal items at CVS was $393.24! I saved $237.73- that's 60%! I've never done so well.

Publix Trip

For those of you who are skeptical about couponing and eating healthy I'd say about 85% of the things I buy would be considered healthy. I did buy some turkey sausage, Lance sandwich crackers, Jimmy Deans breakfast sausage, lunch meat and granola bars filled with some questionable ingredients. 

Here's a quick summary of the healthier items I brought home and prices if I can figured them out after coupons and sale. 

15 boxes of Whole Wheat and Vegetable Pasta - .06 each 
Clearance Organic apples (not mealy this time!) .43 per pound
Ground Turkey 1.79 per pound
Cottage Cheese 1.39
Resolve stain remover for clothes - .84
Kashi cereal .59 each
Greek yogurt .10 each
Yoplait Yo Plus -FREE
Chicken breasts 1.99 per pound
Denta Stix for Lilly - FREE plus overage 
Razor and shaving cream for David .84 for both
Nature Valley granola bars (these have ingredients I don't feel too guilty about) $1 a box
Frozen vegetables - ranging from FREE on one trip to .45 each
Herbal tea 2.20
Shredded and block cheese
Cottage Cheese 
Whole wheat tortillas
Fresh fruit 
Enough canned tomatoes for the next three months

Earth Fare had a great deal this month. Spend $15 and get a free natural chicken, mashed potatoes and organic carrots. Plus I had a coupon for a free bag of organic apples. My mom gave me some cash to buy organic blueberries and I bought two boxes of tea that had coupons hanging next to them to get to the $15 minimum and ended up only spending $8.50 out of pocket for $30.59 of food. 

I made out like a bandit at Publix this month- I spent $52.72 over the course of the month and saved $188.10! Publix is where I get my great deals and I generally buy my basics at Kroger.  

My mom came for a visit earlier in the month so we probably ate out a few more times than we normally would which made our food last longer. I have a stuffed freezer and pantry going into next month. 

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