Learning to serve the Lord and my family one day at a time.

Learning to serve the Lord and my family one day at a time.


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Playroom Reveal

I have yet to post pictures of our new house because I feel like everything is a work in progress. I still want to paint the hideous kitchen cabinets, hang a few more things in the living room and re-do the kitchen table amongst many other projects. One room I feel like is essentially complete is the kids playroom.

This house had one of the garage bays converted into another room. We are using the front half as a playroom and the back half, which is basically a separate room with a step down into, as a storage room. When we first moved in it was a soul sucking, dark hunter green. Because it is a conversion, there are no windows and I absolutely hated to be in this room, especially with the door shut. The ceiling is popcorn and looked like it had twenty years of dust stuck to it, the ceiling fan was just as filthy. The crowning glory of the room was a circa 1980 wallpaper border of a world map.

The homeowners left behind an entire gallon of paint plus primer but this dark color was so paint sucking I had to go buy two more gallons to finish this room and paint two walls of Daniel's room. I only need about a pint of the third gallon but it is the same color as the hallway and parts of Laura's room as well so I'm sure I will use it down the road. On another note, who buys flat paint? Ugh, but that's what I'm stuck with throughout this entire house!

I took the primary colors from the IKEA tent as my color palate for their playroom. I made the bunting for Daniel's 2nd birthday with the intention of repurposing it afterwards for the playroom. Costco was carrying several fun kids rugs for only $15. By the time I convinced myself it wasn't a waste of money they only had two rugs left so I was happy to snag one.

I had my eye on the U.S. map print for months at Hobby Lobby so when the kids got money for Christmas, I justified decorating their playroom as something to spend it on. Besides, it's educational right? I love that this room has built in shelving too. Behind the bifold closet doors are a few more shelves of toys and some random other storage items. To the right of the tent is the opening to the back storage room. I hung a curtain there to cover up the doorway and keep the cold air out as we closed the vents to that back room.

Over six months of slowly buying items here and there I spent around than $75 total including the paint for this room and a few more clear storage containers that are on the shelves. Now, if I only the kids would keep it this picked up!

Pinterest Project completed at last!