Learning to serve the Lord and my family one day at a time.

Learning to serve the Lord and my family one day at a time.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cloth Diapers

When you think of cloth diapers is the first thing to cross your mind poop, pins and prefolds? Well, poop is still part of the equation and pins and prefolds are a very frugal way to diaper your baby. However, cloth diapers have come a long way in the last few years.
I think it has been a combination of the "green movement" and the recession but cloth diapers are making a comeback. The main reason I have chosen to use cloth diapers for our baby (and many babies to come) is the simple fact that it's cheaper! It costs between $800-1000 per year to use disposable diapers.
Cloth diapers can vary in cost but I have chosen to use Best Bottom Diapers from Nicki's Diapers. Unlike all in ones or pocket diapers you can reuse the shell so you don't have to buy as many shells which is the most expensive part. I have six shells right now and plan on buying at least two more. The shell can be reused until it gets soiled and simply wiped down if the baby has only peed in the liner. It costs about $450 to get started with this diaper system plus the cost of washing and drying. The best part is cloth diapers can be used for many babies to come!
The most common question I get about cloth is "What about the poop?" You can buy rolls of rice paper liners which look like toilet paper and lay it between your baby and the diaper. If they mess, simply toss the rice paper and mess into the toilet and flush away! You'll still have to wash the diaper of course but that takes care of the gross part.

Cloth diapers tend to be bulkier than disposables, especially one size cloth. I have a small stock pile of disposables I got on sale for the first few weeks until she fits into the cloth better.

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  1. I'm glad you introduced me to BB Diapers. So far so good! I also LOVE the rice paper inserts - There is absolutely no reason to ever use disposables now! Except... as one sizes, even with the xsmall insert, they are monstrously huge on a newborn. So, if possible - stock up, like you said, or check out sites like Niki's or Jillian's Drawers for gently used newborn All-In-One's. You're still saving $ in the long run, especially since you'll use them with every baby you have! :)