Learning to serve the Lord and my family one day at a time.

Learning to serve the Lord and my family one day at a time.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Salvaging mealy fruit and coconut whipped cream recipe

We had a half dozen peaches that Laura would not touch last week. She didn't complain about them but would just leave them sitting on her plate after I served them. I finally tasted one and "blah" it was all I could do to choke it down!

"Waste not, want not" is my motto so I was determined to figure out something to do with them. I chopped them all up, threw them in a pot with water, a bit of sugar, cinnamon and lemon juice and let them simmer for about two hours until they were soft, sweet and most of the water has boiled down. I couldn't believe how the flavorless mealy peaches were now delicious and ready to be eaten. I might have eaten a few spoonfuls of boiling hot peaches off my stovetop in the process.

I then turned to my favorite Paleo dessert blogs site for a cobbler dough inspiration. I used her Oven Skillet Cobbler recipe as the base for my own cobbler. I didn't have quite enough fruit so the coconut flour was a bit overwhelming. I topped it all off with easy to make coconut milk whipped cream.

Coconut Milk Whipped Cream

Ingredients and supplies

  • Can of cold, full fat coconut milk
  • Tablespoon of your favorite sweetener
  • Cold metal or glass mixing bowl and whisk beater attachment. 

Refrigerate your coconut milk overnight or if you're a last minute person like me stick it in the freezer for a bit. Just don't forget about all afternoon or you'll be trying to figure out how to defrost it without heating up too much.
While you've got your freezer open pop in a small glass or metal mixing bowl and the whisk attachment   for your stand or hand held mixer. You could beat this by hand if you would like to get in a forearm workout and are in a pinch without a mixer.
Open your chilled coconut milk and scoop out the hardened fatty milk off the top. Save the water for smoothies or your kid's oatmeal.

I used maple syrup to slightly sweeten this while I beat the cream into a luxuriously thick whipped cream that would have fooled most people into thinking it was dairy. Now that Daniel no longer has a dairy sensitivity to what I'm eating it's nice to enjoy dairy products again. However,  I don't usually keep heavy whipping cream on hand but my pantry is always stocked with canned coconut milk.

Use the whipping cream in coffee, fruit or dessert. This was delicious the next day on fruit salad.

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