Learning to serve the Lord and my family one day at a time.

Learning to serve the Lord and my family one day at a time.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This Week's Menu and freezer inventory sheet

I have a new system for meal planning and freezer inventory that is working very well.  I have a white board calendar that I fill in with the dates and any activities that are going on for the month and add the meals on each day. It's easy to erase and change up meals as I buy more meat throughout the month as well.

When I buy meat I package it into dinner size portions plus leftovers for lunch. This is often 1.5 -2 pounds of meat each night. I generally only buy meat that is $2/pound or less but David has been begging me for steaks. Since I started from a bare cupboard and freezer this month our grocery money went very fast but hopefully I will be able to buy steak next month. Despite rising food prices I am able to get great prices on meat at the commissary. It's the only place I can find ground beef for $2 a pound anymore. The average price at the grocery store is around $3 for 80% lean or higher and it rarely goes on sale for less than $2.50.
We are following the Primal Blueprint and eating mostly meat, and veggies for dinner. David still eats some grains in the form of sandwiches, hummus, crackers and granola bars but for the most part we no long consume grains or legumes. Here's a few more links on why grains are unhealthy. The Definitive Guide to Grains & Is Going Grain Free Healthy. I have lost 12-15 pounds (depending on the day) and am back to my weight when we got married. I even had to go buy new pants this weekend because I could literally pull down my old jeans without unbuttoning them and they were falling off of me! That being said, we do eat at least 8 ounces of meat per person each night plus I try my best to cook enough for leftovers the next day.
Back to my freezer inventory- Once I have packaged the meat into servings I write down the name of the meat on my inventory sheet, find a day to cook it on the calendar and then write the day I will be cooking it on the calendar AND the inventory sheet along with I how I plan on preparing the meat. Eg, next to 1 pound of ground beef I write "Taco Salad" & "8/25" and write it on the dry erase calendar as well. I do this in pencil so as I buy more meat throughout the month I can alter the menu for more variety. I have been able to plan out the whole month of meals which I was never good at before. This also gives me a good visual reminder on what meat to pull out several days in advance in the morning or while I'm cooking dinner.

All that being said here's what we are eating the rest of this month. I just write out the main dish and cook up whatever fresh or frozen veggies we have, slather them in butter or fat and often a salad.

Monday August 20 - Grilled chicken quarters
Tuesday August 21 - taco salad
Wednesday August 22- bratwurst
Thursday August 23- Chicken breast - still need to find a recipe for these.
Friday August 24 - camping with church so not sure what we'll be taking to cook out there. Any suggestions for easy camping food?
Saturday August 25 - grilled chicken breasts
Sunday August 26- taco salad
Monday August 27 - grilled chicken wings drenched in this amazing hot sauce I bought at Costco
Tuesday August 28 - bratwurst
Wednesday August 29- hamburgers without buns
Thursday August 30- pork sirloin roasted in the oven. Oh my this is my new favorite meal.

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