Learning to serve the Lord and my family one day at a time.

Learning to serve the Lord and my family one day at a time.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our Summer and the Move

Many people have been asking if we are in Colorado yet and as much as I'm ready for a respite from the Southern heat we are currently in Texas. David has been at Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC) since June 11 in San Antonio. I stayed in Augusta until the movers came June 29 and supervised the move of our household goods. Our items will go into temporary storage until we arrive in Colorado July 27. David's brother in law will drive my car to Colorado at the beginning of August.
Moving day June 29

I drove to David's parents last Saturday only to have my radiator burst an hour from their house. The Lord's hand was over Laura and me that day, it was 109 degrees and I was just leaving  Zaxby's in Greensboro when I noticed the car thermostat rising and suddenly steam pouring from the engine. After calling my brother for advice and waiting for the car to cool off, several employees from the restaurant looked at my car and it was evident that the radiator was cracked and wouldn't hold any water.

I was able to stay in the cool, air conditioned restaurant while I waited for my father in law to come and pick Laura and myself up. I am so thankful my car didn't break down on the side of Interstate 20 with a baby and 100 plus degree temperature. 

After spending a few days with David's family I flew to Austin where I am currently staying with my parents while David is at BOLC. David is able to take the weekends off and had two days off for Independence Day. We also enjoyed a long, hot but fun day at Sea World today. Laura was a champ and even took a few naps in the Ergo carrier. If you are considering a baby carrier check out the Ergo. I just bought it last week and I loved the simplicity and ease of use plus it is much cooler than the Moby wrap. 

That's all for now! If you are in Austin I'd love to catch up. 


  1. Brings back memories! The heat is bad here for CO standards but NOT AT ALL like that Texas heat. Oh my word. I have never experienced heat like that before... Matthew and I said when the wind blew it felt like we were standing behind a hot bus!

    I love the Moby with William in cooler temperatures, but you are right that it is just too hot to use in this weather! If you find a good deal on an Ergo lemme know :).


  2. Mallory, I ended up paying full price for an Ergo on Amazon because they are having a huge counterfeit problem. I didn't want to risk buying one off eBay and it be a knock off. Well worth the money, I use it several times a week, especially while we've been in Texas without a stroller. Hope you all are getting settled in your new home.