Learning to serve the Lord and my family one day at a time.

Learning to serve the Lord and my family one day at a time.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good Reads for August

I can proudly say I got through my two books before the end of the month! I loved The Baby Whisperer, it has been one of the most helpful books on infants and sleep I have read so far. It was funny and easy to read and had very helpful charts on troubleshooting a crying baby, nursing issues and sleep problems. I checked it out from the library but it was such a great book I want to buy a copy to have for reference when baby girl comes.

It is similar to Baby Wise in that it promotes a routine of Eat, Awake, Sleep but adds in Yourself forming the acronym EASY. The EASY routine is less clock oriented than Baby Wise and teaches you to learn your child's needs and use the clock as a guide instead of the rule. Similar to Baby Wise, it also suggests putting your infant to bed awake instead of asleep.

It laid out the different types of baby personalities and how to do the EASY routine with each type of infant as well as help pages directed at your baby's personality. Several of the other books just left me confused but The Baby Whisperer laid out the principles in a clear and concise manner, I just can't say enough good things about this book!

August Reads 
How the Irish Saved Civilization
The Baby Whisperer 

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